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Thistle -Victorian Flower Garden 7 of 9 -

Strength in beauty...

applique and reverse applique pattern - hand and machine directions

Stand tall and strong cloaked with noble character, and bloom beautifully where you are planted. 

The seventh block in the Victorian Flower Garden Quilt series (9 blocks in total to make up a full-size quilt) - start yours now and collect all 9 blocks as they become available.


Thistle is a smaller-scale applique project - perfect for beginning quilters and appliquers.

Create this block and turn it into a pillow to bring a touch of loving romance into your boudoir.  Or make this pattern as a block to fit into a quilt of your own design. 

Pattern includes all three directions for creation.

  • Reverse applique by hand
  • Reverse applique by machine
  • Mix the two for extra 3D effect: reverse applique the stems and leaves, then applique the flowers to make them really pop.