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Rose Window - Medallion II

The intricate beauty of a cathedral’s Rose window.

Reverse appliqué pattern – includes instructions for hand work only

The organic lines of this heirloom pattern mimic the beauty of rose windows, often found in cathedrals. The rhythm of the pattern is accentuated by beautiful batik materials which we strongly recommend using for their brilliant colours and fine weave, which will prevent any fraying as you appliqué.

Finished dimensions: 21 ½ in x 21 ½ in

Materials required:

  • Background Fabric: ¾ yd (or a piece 25 in square) of light fabric
  • Top Fabric: ¾ yd (or a piece 25 in square) of medium or dark fabric (1 yd if using to bind the quilt)
  • Backing Fabric: ¾ yd square