Whirlwind - Medallion VI

Capture the whirling, swirling, spiraling wind of a blustery day

Reverse appliqué pattern – includes instructions for hand work only

A dazzling design that captures the whirling, swirling, spiralling wind of a blustery day.  Originally created in opulent blue and gold, you can see the fallen leaves being tossed about by the Autumn wind.  Or create it in bright colors and feel the new spring leaves rustling in the trees. 

Finished dimensions: 27 in x 27 in

Materials required:

  • Background fabric: 31 in x 31 in (1 yd) of light fabric
  • Top fabric: 31 in x 31 in (1 yd) of medium or dark fabric, or 1 1/8 yd if using to bind quilt
  • Backing fabric: 31 in x 31 in (1 yd)
  • Batting: 31 in x 31 in (1 yd)
  • Binding fabric: 3 strips - 2 1/2 in x 42 in


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