Garden Gate

Have you been walking through a garden and found that beautiful sight where garden and architecture interweave? It can be inspiring.
But, to be perfectly honest, I don’t exactly know what breathed Garden Gate into being. I remember that I wanted that oval block shape, but then I don’t sew curves. Not then and so far not yet. Once I started sketching, my lines morphed into an imaginary wrought iron gate of a bright, colorful persuasion. And I was able to create those apparent curves entirely with straight lines.

The wrought iron of my gate is bright and colorful surrounding the light, airy empty spaces of the garden beyond. The impact of this quilt is brought about by careful placement of Value – the play of dark and light.
Cathy’s quilting design helps in accentuating this drama by drawing your eyes to the lighter sections, taking you beyond the gate into the garden.

So gather your favorite fabrics and get started creating your own Garden Gate. Finished Size is 60" x 70".

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