Dot Code

Scott's Design for Dot Code was simple, he wanted to encourage color play, and more importantly, he wanted quilters to explore the working powers of Value. He found the motif of a simple half ‘circle’ combination very intriguing in its simplicity. He thought that if he made construction of the block simple, Makers could concentrate their efforts on playing with the interaction of Light, Medium, and Dark Values.

This pattern is written for three blocks:
– The Large 12” finished pieced Chunky Block.
– The Small 6” finished pieced Crunchy Block.
– The Medium 8” finished appliqué Creamy Block.

These Blocks can be mixed together in an endless array as you will see. Two Crunchy Blocks can match up to one side of a Chunky Block, and three Creamy Blocks will match up to two Chunky Blocks or four Crunchy Blocks. There are suggestions at the end for layouts, but they are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Once you start,
the options will keep flowing! 

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