Christmas 1964

Christmas 1964 finishes at a large 71” x 81” 

Christmas 1964 was inspired during a search for the perfect image to use as a wallpaper on his cellphone a few years back. Scott's search topic was Mid-Century Christmas and those words brought up some great 50’s and 60’s images. The trees in Christmas 1964 are a conglomeration of the best of those images. 

Scott's wife was born in the very last snippet of the 50’s and he was born just before the middle of the 60’s – both of their baby quilts were created in the aqua color that serves as the “traditional green” in the Christmas colors of the model quilt. 1964 is the last year for the Baby Boomers generation and the first year the Beatles played in the United States and the year the Rankin/Bass Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer TV Special was first aired on NBC TV in the United States as well. It was a pivotal year. 

The trees are stylized enough that this project doesn’t have to be limited to one season. Your Christmas 1964 could easily be Autumn 1862 with Civil War prints; in browns and blues in or May Day 2016 in bright florals; mabye Zombie Apocalypse 2037 would be more to your liking. Whatever the look, have a great time decorating your holidays.

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