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Just Wanna Trademark For Makers - C&T

Securing a trademark can be complicated, time-consuming, costly, and all too often unsuccessful. The resources currently on the market are not aimed at creative professionals, leaving them guessing at critical information or wrangling with examples without relatable context. Just Wanna Trademark for Makers offers easy-to-understand legal information created specifically for creative entrepreneurs and professionals. Going beyond the quilt-focused first edition, this newly revised book has updated information, new examples, and cases that show all creative entrepreneurs how to navigate the process of securing a trademark.

  • Made for makers! All the legal advice is broken down with clear examples so you can proceed confidently.
  • Get expert advice to protect your work and avoid legal pitfalls from experts that understand the art and craft world.
  • Learn from real-world examples represented by a wide range of arts and crafts, including quilting, candlemaking, cosplay, writing, woodworking, and much more.