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Simple Patchwork Projects - Thomas Allen

Put your fabric scraps to good use with this collection of adorable animal-themed patchwork and appliqué projects. If you love animals as much as you love crafting, Simple Patchwork Projects will satisfy both passions, with inspiration and instructions for making 20 useful and oh-so-cute textile items for you, your home, and your pets.

Hayley Smith, founder of Craft Yourself Silly, draws on her bestselling range of Tessepatch® kits for inspiration.Her specially designed interlocking animal shapes enable you to create patchwork fabrics made up entirely of your favorite creatures, from cats and dogs to foxes and chickens. You can also use the templates individually as appliqué motifs to customize items you already own.

Hayley covers all the essentials of patchworking, from the properties and uses of different fabrics to the key equipment you will need to cut and sew your pieces with ease. Her detailed step-by-step instructions and templates ensure your projects come together just right the first time.