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Acorn Easy E-Sprayer

The Acorn Easy E-Sprayer™ helps you to distribute Easy Press Fabric Treatment™ evenly across your fabric in seconds. Bottle holds 16 oz Easy Press Fabric Treatment™ that helps to: add volume, inhibit fraying, improve accuracy while creating, and restores fabric back to their true size.

  • Rechargeable electric spray bottle
  • Evenly distribute Easy Press Fabric Treatment™ across fabric in seconds
  • Renews fabric fibers back to true size
  •  Add volume, inhibit fraying, improve accuracy when creating
  • Use instead of starch
  • Easy Press Fabric Treatment™ is Non-Toxic

Acorn Easy E-Sprayer™ includes:

  • 1 Acorn Easy E-Sprayer™ filled with 16 oz of Easy Press Fabric Treatment™
  • 1 charging cord
  • 1 manual