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Bohin 19495 Patchwork and Quilting needles 75/11 and 90/14

Pkg of 5 needles - 3 x 75/11 needles and 2 x 90/14 needles

Ideal for quilting work: 5 flat heel needles ‘special tips’ 75 - 90 mm.

Equivalence Singer 11 - 14.

To avoid problems with your sewing machine, use a BOHIN needle! This needle size is ideal for working with metallic threads. Their eye is particularly long. Our needles are made of nickel-plated steel, which allows a perfect glide through the fabric. Their manufacturing process is designed to obtain the best balance between strength and flexibility. This assortment will give you more flexibility in carrying out your sewing work. The hands are numbered from 60 to 120. This corresponds to the diameter of the needle expressed in 100ths of a millimetre. A 60 needle is 60/100 of a millimeter.

The important thing to remember: the higher the number, the better adapted the needle for thicker tissue.

Bohin needles can be used on all major brands of machines that have a flat heel: Bernina, Lild, Janome, Singer, Pfaff, Juki, Elna...