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Bohin 05602 Sea Horse Needle Book


Collection book of 20 needles (sharps 5/7/9; short darners 3/5)

Special pattern 2019: Seahorse. Let yourself be seduced by this exclusive BOHIN design needle book.

Practical, this assortment consists of 6 sharps needles No. 5, 6 sharps needles No. 7, 4 sharps needles No. 9, 2 short darners needles No. 3 and 2 short darners needles No. 5. It will give you all the flexibility you need to carry out all your sewing projects. The sharps needle for your everyday sewing work, the short darners needle for your mending work.

Made in France in our factory, from nickel-plated steel, our needles go through 27 manufacturing stages, which guarantees an incomparable slide and an irreproachable tip.