Newsletter: Aurifil News and Price increase advanced notice (10 Nov 2022)

Due to continued increases in material, labour and shipping costs secondary to the Covid 19 Pandemic, there is once again a worldwide increase in the cost of producing and shipping Aurifil thread and displays.

The price increase will be approximately 8-10%. We refrained from implementing the full cost of the pricing increase to us in 2022 but with another price increase, we are left with needing to increase prices January 1, 2023.

We will  remain competitive as your best option in Canada for Aurifil thread with respect to pricing and service.

We are once again giving you the courtesy of advanced notice to give you an opportunity to stock up on your Aurifil thread and to add new display units now should you  be considering increasing the Aurifil offerings in your shop.

The transition to new prices will be as follows:

  • from now until November 30, 2022 - current pricing on all orders (includes both in stock product and items that need to be ordered in).  

  • from December 1 to noon December 22, 2022 Calgary time - current pricing on all in stock items; new pricing will be applied to products that are backordered and will ship in the New Year.  We will be paying new prices for items we don't have in stock.  
  • from noon December 22, 2022 - new pricing will be applied to all orders  received.  These orders will be shipped in January 2023.
Those of you who attended Quilt Market and who have been watching social media will know that Aurifil has introduced new display stands.  The newer stands are being produced in the US and will be available in Canada - we are just waiting for pricing and shipping costs to Canada.
For those who have the current Testa/Tana/Torre stands and are wanting to build upon your displays, those units will continue to be available to you - we bring them in from Italy.
With prices increasing in January, now is the ideal time to introduce or expand on your Aurifil display units.  Almost all of our display units are custom created to meet your needs and your budget.  In addition, with every new display installation, Gail will offer one complimentary Aurifilosophy zoom session for your customers (most shops cover the cost of a display with the sales made during that event!).  All subsequent sessions are $350.  
After three successful years of Color Builders, it is time for a new program.  For the start of 2023, you will be able to offer the 2020, 2021 and 2022 Color Builders for those customers who did not get all of the first color builders and for those who want to replenish any of their sets.
Stay tuned for the new Aurifil program expected to release mid year - it will have an education component and we are certain it will be a hit!  Stay tuned for more news as we have it!!


Check out our pre-order page and be sure to get your orders in for Neons and Neutrals by November 29, 2022.  They are shipping in April and June 2023 and are being supplied on a one time only pre-order basis.  After our initial order is placed, Aurifil will produce one run and one run only of the three neon colours.