Newsletter: July Shipping Bonanza (08 Jul 2022)

July Shipping Bonanza!!

From now till July 26, 2022, we will be providing complimentary shipping on all orders!

Inventory count for our year end is at the end of July.  All orders and backorders awaiting shipping not shipped by July 26th will be put back into inventory and will need to be re-ordered beginning August 1st.  Our last ship date in July is July 26th. We will begin shipping again on August 2nd after the holiday weekend. 

Future changes to shipping policy:

Things run very smoothly in the warehouse most of the time, however, due to challenges that have grown over the past few years, we have some orders that are ready and waiting for payment or waiting for you to add to your orders or waiting for a delayed supplier shipment and sometimes those orders sit in the warehouse for a month or longer.  It becomes especially challenging when some of those items are in high demand and we can't supply customers who are prepared to have product shipped immediately and it also creates a space challenge as the number of these orders increases. 

To simplify things for everyone going forward and to make things more efficient, especially for you, our customers, we are implementing the following process:

  • once an order is complete, we will notify you that it is ready to ship (as we do now) and appreciate you making best efforts to facilitate that.
  • any order or partial order that has been in the warehouse waiting for shipment for 4 weeks will be returned to inventory at the 4 week mark and will need to be added to your next order after that time. We will provide you with periodic reminders and updates during the 4 week period. This gives you time to add to your order to reach the $500 complimentary shipping threshold as smaller order amounts and waiting to reach the free shipping threshold seems to be the primary reason for orders not shipping.  Given how we have expanded our product offerings and are continuing to do so, it should be possible to reach the $500 threshold on a monthly basis (most of you are well beyond that), especially when you consider that all costs included, your cost is lower when ordering from Erie Quilt Art than it would be from US distributors
As always, we welcome your input.  We are also open to any suggestions with respect to products your would like to see offered by Erie Quilt Art in the future.  

Gail, Susan, Josee, Meg and Amy