Newsletter: DIME event marketing materials (11 Mar 2021)


I hope you are all excited about the upcoming DIME event on April 14th 3 pm mountain time.  This event is a 90 minute complimentary event for your customers.

The following links are to marketing materials - if you have any trouble with the links, please email me at


DIME will be e-blasting for the event on March 24, March 31 and April 7 to Canadian customers on their internal list.  

Registration Email Notification for Each Customer
Every consumer who registers online will receive a confirmation email with the information to join the event.  I will also receive an email alert on that sign up.  

There is no up front investment for shop owners.  You simply direct your embroidery customers to the DIME website and ask them to enter your shop name when they register for the class.   

All sales will be managed through the event.  All items purchased during the event will be shipped to Erie Quilt Art and we will ship them to you to distribute to your customers.  

Erie Quilt Art will not be keeping any contact information related to your customers; our sole role in this event is to make  possible for Canadian sales related to these events to be credited to Canadian shops.  Should there be any Canadian customers who do not designate their shop of choice, we will allocate those sales to the shop closest to them geographically.  All US Sales should US customers sign up for this event will be shared equally among participating Canadian shops.  Once the event is over and sales invoices have been finalized and allocated, Erie Quilt Art will e-transfer your share of the sales to your shops - your share of the sales will be 20% of the  sales attribuated to your shop plus any share of US or non-designated sales. 


I hope to see many of you participate. 

Please note that should your customers wish to make followup purchases, even it you choose not to stock this line at this time, you can special order even single items for your customers from Erie Quilt Art going forward.  


Dime recommends you direct your customers to the DIME site for registration so they can send them the necessary information to join the event and code for free shipping. However, you may sign someone up yourself but you will need to send them the information below.

The URL:
Coupon Code:  SaveFreight

f you have any questions, please email me -