Newsletter: DIME event countdown!!! (01 Apr 2021)

DIME Event Countdown to April 14 at 3 pm Calgary time for 90 minutes - we want your shop included!



A complimentary event "Edge to Edge Quilting" hosted by Elieen Roche from DIME for quilters and embroiderers. 

Any purchases made at the event will be attributed to your shop - customers are signing up for many of these events on their own and we decided it should be of benefit to Canadian shops as well!

Customers sign up at and name your shop as their shop of choice 

We don't sell machines so this doesn't apply to us - NOT TRUE

Quilt shops not selling machines have already promoted this event and one has over 70 customers signed up already!

What do you have to do?

Promote through your newsletter and or social media.  DIME has prepared emails and social media posts for you - links are here:


What is the cost to my shop?  No cost!!

There is no up front investment.  You simply need to send out promotion information and distribute the already packaged and labelled products to your customers - when they come to your shop, chances are they will purchase other items from you as well!

All sales and payments for products purchased will be managed through the event by DIME.  All items purchased during the event will be shipped to Erie Quilt Art and we will ship them to you.   You will distribute orders to your customers; if they don't pick up, you are able to determine your own shipping policy. 

Why should we participate??

You will receive a share of all sales once the event is over!!  Based on average event sales, some shops, based on registrations to date can expect to earn $4000 plus.  Other than the  time it will take to send the pre-written newsletter and post the pre-written social media posts and the staff time required to distribute the labelled bags, this is 100% profit for your shop!


Please note that should your customers wish to make follow-up purchases, even it you choose not to stock this line of products at this time, you can special order even single items for your customers from Erie Quilt Art going forward.  


Dime recommends you direct your customers to the DIME site for registration so they can send them the necessary information to join the event and code for free shipping. However, you may sign someone up yourself but you will need to send them the information below.

The URL:
Coupon Code:  SaveFreight

f you have any questions, please email me -