Newsletter: Pricing changes and business coaching (01 Oct 2020)


This is not a message I enjoy delivering. We have been holding off as long as possible but the increase in shipping costs which is nothing short of mind boggling, increases in material costs for products we purchase and the weaker Canadian dollar vs the Euro have caused us to implement some price increases.  We are sharing the pain with you at this time.....and increasing prices by less than we should.  If costs continue to go up, we will have to reassess over the next few months. 


I want to give you all advance notice that we will unfortunately have to increase Aurifil thread prices effective October 6, 2020.   

We will honour today's prices for any orders or backorders you currently have with us.  In addition, you will be able to stock up on Aurifil threads currently in stock in our warehouse at today's prices until October 5th.  For orders placed from now till October 5th, new prices will apply for items not in stock.  We will be checking with you when we process your orders sent in between today and October 5th to determine whether or not you want a backorder created for missing items.  


Plastic shields in high demand during the pandemic have made plastic prices skyrocket.  Studio 180  increased their prices accordingly.  We managed to stock up on their tools when the increases first took place but now that our lower priced stock is depleted, we have to increase our prices on these products as well.  

We will honour today's prices on Studio180 tools until October 14th after which time new pricing will take effect. This will apply to in stock items only - at this time we have at least a few of all tools in stock.


We have the same issue with shipping and the Euro  with Bohin products, made in France - prices will increase on Bohin products on October 7th.   We will honour our current prices on Bohin products until October 6th.  

The good news is that we are still the lower cost option on all of these products over ordering from US sources and we continue to work hard to keep it that way.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 587-354-2898.  

We would appreciate, where possible,  if you would submit your stock up orders online as that makes it easier to fulfill your requests in time order of receipt.  



It has always been our mission to help our customers to be successful.  It quickly became clear at the start of the pandemic that help was needed.  I started hosting weekly zoom calls with quilt shop owners to assist you with re-inventing your businesses in our new environment.  Shortly into the sessions, I hired business coach Bruce Cruickshank to sit in on the calls and provide help as needed.  

Over time, these calls have evolved - Our 1 hour zoom calls are now the first Monday of the month at 1 pm mountain time (SIGN IN INFORMATION IS ALWAYS IN THE MOST RECENT NEWSLETTER)   Bruce now provides a topic of the month and shop owners are also sharing their greatest successes and their greatest challenges.  Shop owners who have participated regularly in these calls are seeing greater growth than they imagined possible during this time.  

We are now going one step further as not everyone wants to share their greatest challenge in a group session - Bruce and I will co-host 20 half hour complimentary business coaching sessions.  These half hour sessions will be available on a first come first served basis and are open to 20 quilt shop owners or their designate only.  Bruce and I have both worked as small business coaches with owners in many industries and our goal is always to work towards growth - even in challenging times.    If you are interested in signing up for one of these sessions, please email me at  I can arrange for a phone conversation if you have questions as well.