Newsletter: 12 Days of Christmas programs (10 Nov 2020)


It's time to get ready for 12 Days of Christmas!

With people isolating in their homes while sewing up a storm and shopping online becoming more popular for all, a 12 Days of Christmas program is sure to be a success for quilt shops.

Time is also the scarcest commodity for quilt shop owners so......

We have done the groundwork for you and have come up with 25 days of ideas at various price points and following themes.  Please email Gail at and I will send you the list.  We have also put together some byAnnie bag bundles including all that your customers need to make these great bags.  

How does it work?

  • choose which 12 days you want to use - some start Dec 1 and others start earlier
  • decide on your items for each day - if you are choosing items from Erie Quilt Art we ask that you guesstimate what you might sell so that we can plan our inventory levels
  • Advertise your event widely using social media and tell all of you customers it is coming
  • Each day you will post the items for the day - most shops offer a 'special price' and/or bundle price for the day
  • First thing the next morning, after each of the 12 days, either place your order for the items sold online or phone or email us - that way we can put your items aside or place quick replenishment orders if you have done better than expected (it happens!!)  You are not committed to purchases until this order is placed
  • We will ship your products to you every few days to give you time to receive and organize the orders for your customers over time.
We hope you will join in for this great vision is that there will be quilters across Canada shopping many 12 days of Christmas programs - I hope that you will choose to host one of them!