Newsletter: Stay safe! (16 Mar 2020)

Stay Safe!!!

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to reach out to all of you to let you know what is happening with us at Erie Quilt Art and to express our concern for all of you and for your businesses.  

Your health, the health of your employees and customers and the health of our team is of paramount importance to us.

Our hope is that all people will take this pandemic very seriously and will self-isolate and distance themselves for a few weeks so that  the short term pain will mean we can all get back to a more normal state and normal business in the very near future.  In the meantime:

What we are doing in our offices:

  • we have put distancing and isolation into practice. We have closed our offices to walk-in traffic for shopping and pickups as of last week - we are happy to ship your orders to you even if you are someone who always prefers to pick orders up until this pandemic is under control.  We have staff members with vulnerable immune compromised family members and we want to keep them safe.  
  • We have reduced the number of people working inside the office and warehouse at the same time to allow them to practise safe distancing and Gail will work remotely.  We have plans in place to implement even more remote work as needed.
  • We are, of course, practising good handwashing and sanitizing of surfaces and anyone feeling even slightly unwell will stay home.  

How does this affect your business and how can we help?
  • We have a good supply of product and we are continuing to ship as always in a timely manner.
  • Aurifil has had to shut its production facility in Milan, Italy down until March 27th; we are hoping it won't be longer but the health and safety of their team is most important.  We were able to get a last pallet out of Italy last week including the Tula Pink tins and hope to see it in our warehouse this week.  We do have good stock at the moment to meet your needs but please understand we may become short on some colours and weights and may ask you if you are willing to substitute for colours that are close until we get our supply back to where we need it to be.
  • Other suppliers continue to ship without interruption so far.  
  • We understand that how this will affect your businesses is not fully understood at this time;  we are here to work with you through this difficult time.  If you need us to ship direct to your customers because you do not have shipping methods in place, we are happy to do that for you on a shared cost basis. 
  • This will be a great time to expand your online businesses.  As quilters self-isolate and distance themselves, their sewing rooms will become a very important happy place - you may want to run virtual classes, sew-ins, a virtual quilt show merchant booth, etc to help your customers with the loneliness of isolation. We are happy to help with ideas if you wish.