Newsletter: Introducing Taylor Seville, Westalee and Ecopeco ....and an extended special! (13 Feb 2020)


We have been busy over the last few weeks sourcing new product lines for you and your customers!


We are now carrying the full line of Taylor Seville products - magic pins, magic clips, thread magic and bobbin buddies to name a few!    Products are already in the warehouse!




Westalee Quilting Design Templates and Sew Steady

We are pleased to announce that we are now the exclusive Canadian Distributor for Westalee and Sew Steady products.  

It will now be easier and we are hearing less expensive overall to have a Canadian based source for these products - please let us know what you are needing and we will bring in any products Westalee/Sew /Steady have.!


Ecopeco cutting mats

Ecopeco makes eco friendly cutting mats that do not have the offgas smell that other mats are known for.  One of our favourite Canadian quilters has been testing the mats and loves them - We think they will be a great replacement for those of you who were purchasing the Quilter's Select mats - we hope to have them here in the next few weeks.  


Bohin Needle Display Introductory Offer Extended !

We are extending the Bohin Needle Display Offer to the end of February - our first two shipments sold out in days so we are bringing in more!  See our last newsletter on our website for details on needles included.  

 Our intro price is $290 including the stand - needles alone would be $325