Newsletter: Make scrub bags not masks for Healthcare workers!! (03 Apr 2020)



Quilters are wanting to know what they can do  to help healthcare workers during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Here it is!

Why not masks?

Many of you know my views on making masks - as a former ICU nurse and as someone who worked in an industry where we manufactured masks, I know that healthcare workers need full PPE.  Cloth masks are a very poor last resort. 

A mask is more helpful in keeping a sick person from spreading droplets widely and when it gets wet from exhaling into it, it is not even that useful in that regard (not to mention that those people should be at home in isolation or quarantine!).

Wearing a mask yourself gives one a false sense of security and it has been shown that someone wearing a mask  touches their face more than someone not wearing one.  Good hand-washing and physical distancing are far more effective than a personal mask. 

Why scrub bags and what are they?

Scrub bags will keep our healthcare workers and their families safer by allowing heathcare workers to transport uniforms/scrubs home safely to be laundered after their shift is done.

A shop in Alberta has taken up the charge for the province of Alberta in making scrub bags.We need shops across Canada to do the same for their healthcare workers!  

I am copying the information directly from Nancy at Willow Creek Quilts.  


Scrub Bag by Willow Creek Quilts in Support of Healthcare Workers

My daughter is a nurse at Rockyview Hospital on one of the floors handling the Covid-19 cases.

A request has come (not for masks) but for cotton bags that can be used to carry home dirty scrubs and hoodies after a shift. These cotton bags can be transported home and dropped right into the washing machine.

French seams, a casing, double drawstring and we have a cheerful, practical thank you for the professionals caring for others in the midst of this health crisis.

(Please prewash either your fabric or your completed bag in hot water to ensure the dyes do not run)

Blessings! Nancy

 Willow Creek Quilts

There is also a facebook page "Scrub Bags for Alberta Healthcare Workers" - you can go to this page - join the group and learn where you can send your completed bags.  

Please use their pattern - the size is right and it has been tested in front and top loading washers  to make sure it works as intended.  The bags need to be large enough so that it is easy to drop clothing in and so that when the drawstring is loosened when dropped into the washer, the clothing drops into the washer to be cleaned.


Shops could put together kits quilters could purchase to make their bags.

Shops could offer a quick zoom demo on how to make the bags - a great project for beginner quilters or for teens at home looking for something useful to do!  Also a great group project for parents and kids!