Newsletter: Day 9 - 12 Days of Christmas (09 Dec 2015)





Stella is the new revolutionary LED Lighting system ideal for quilters and for around your homes!

Choose from the Stella Task Lamp, Stella Edge (clamp-on) for easy portability or the Stella Sky (floor lamp) .  Stella allows you to set the light for cool, warm or daylight with maximum dimming capabilities. The flexible neck allows you to direct the light to where you need it every time! The bulb stays cool and never needs replacing.  If you were to use your Stella 12 hours a day, 365 days of the year, you would have 70% bulb power after 11 years.........essentially a lifetime of worry-free, high-quality and stylish lighting.

Put a Stella on display in your shop and customers will fall in love with it!  Seeing is believing!  Also...see Anna Hergert's indepent glowing review of Stella in the Winter 2015 Canadian Quilter Magazine!


Stella Task White or Black $170 wholesale


Stella Edge White or Black   $175 wholesale        Stella Sky black only

                                                                       $325 wholesale             

                                                                        - limited quantities


You can place your orders online, by email or phone.  A great Christmas gift for your customers .....and for you!!