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Aurifil Thread Lab Introduction Video to Download

Aurifil Thread Lab introduction video to download



The video narrated by Karen Miller is now in the link below for you to download and share on social media and in your newsletters.  The dedicated ThreadLab web portal also has additional information, box specs, FAQ's, and insight into monthly box content. We'll be regularly updating the file with marketing assets for both you and your customers to use.  Contents of each box will be uploaded soon.  Remember, though, the full value of the boxes is product and part of the fun is opening the box each month to see what is inside.  Don't forget to click on media to obtain the downloadable items.  

There is mention of discount codes and partner products in the boxes.  The discounts are for items that are available internationally should participants wish to purchase them; the partner items will be a bit of a surprise!

The monthly projects will be unveiled when participants click on the QR code in the box; Aurifil Artisans and designers see this as an opportunity to showcase what they do, so we can be sure they will be great projects!

A few reminders for Canadian shop owners:

*Aurifil has put together an international map for consumers; if you have not notified us of your intent to participate, please let us know and we will be sure to have your shop added; there is no downside to having your shop listed and there are no minimums to participate.

*The subscription cost is Wholesale $62.50 CDN/subscription/month; suggested retail is $125/month;you should not need to discount these boxes as they are already great value and priced competitively

*Product makes up 100% of the cost of the box; the educational materials are provided at no added cost to the consumer

*You will be able to add customers throughout the program and they will be able to purchase any boxes they missed by signing up late.  

*Should a customer need to cancel their box and your number of boxes required decrease, you will need to give us 30 days notice for the cancellation to take effect; that said, should we have an overall increase of boxes ordered that month, we will not hold you responsible for a late cancellation.  

*There is a click if interested box in the portal; all of the Canadian inquiries are forwarded to us at Erie Quilt Art; it is quicker to contact us directly at or call us at 587-354-2898

Here is the link to the retailer portal: