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What is the Aurifil Thread Lab Subscription Box program?
It is a monthly education subsciption program running from July to December 2023.  Your customers will subscribe to the program and each month you will receive the thread lab boxes to distribute to your customers - it will operate in a similar manner to the colour builder program. Over the course of the six months, customers will receive and learn how to use all Aurifil thread weights and will also learn some techniques from Aurifil designers.

What is included in the boxes?
Each box will include a thread assortment and instructions including a QR code which customers can scan to gain access to the educational materials and projects.  The July box will be the largest box in size and will include an Aurifil thread box, a thread swatch book and the Aurifilosophy thread selection box.  We will have box dimensions available soon so that you can plan for any shipping needs.

What is the cost and how much of the cost is for product?
100% of the cost is for product included in the box.  The education portion of the box is complimentary and can only be accessed by purchasing the boxes.  

Wholesale price to retailers:               $62.50
Suggested retail price to consumers:  $125.00  

While we cannot dictate your pricing, there should be no need to discount this program to your customers. As for all orders with Erie Quilt Art, for shipments over $500 before tax, we will cover the shipping cost. 

Will there be promotional materials we can use to advertise this program?
Aurifil anticipates having promotional materials available the week of April 17th; we will forward them to you as soon as we receive them.

How and when do we sign up?
You will submit your numbers to us, either by ordering on the website or by sending us an email at or by phoning us at 587-354-2898.  If you place your order by phone, we will be emailing you to confirm your order.  

Is there a sign up deadline and can we increase our numbers later?
The number of subscribers for your shop will need to be confirmed by May 10 so that we can confirm totals for Canada by May 12th with Aurifil.  You will be able to increase your numbers after May 10 but, while we ad Aurifil will do our best to have them to you on time, there could be a delay in receiving those additional boxes due to the boxes being assembled to order by hand.  
Customers who miss the initial sign up time frame will be able to join the program late and will be able to access boxes for earlier months as well.  

Why should be participate in this program?
By helping your customers to learn more about Aurifil threads and how to use them, it will increase demand for Aurifil threads of all weights in your shop.  You may decide to increase the weights of thread you offer in your shop or you may decide to allow customers to special order certain weights and stock others.  Whatever you decide, it is certain to increase your Aurifil sales for your shop.

Does this program replace the Aurifilosophy program?
Thread Lab and Aurifilsophy work hand in hand.  The Aurifilosophy lecture provides a great overview of the history, manufacturing process, and thread uses.  Thread lab allows for hands on experience with the threads which cements knowledge gained by attending an Aurifilosophy lecture.  The two programs also continue to operate as stand alone programs.  Some shops may decide to offer an Aurifilosophy lecture as a way of promoting the Thread Lab subscription boxes.  If you purchase a new thread display, Gail will provide a complimentary Aurifilosophy zoom lecture (valued at $350).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or call us at 587-354-2898.