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Gail Heller

Gail Heller - Owner/President Erie Quilt Art

At Erie Quilt Art, we are dedicated to providing the best in quilting supplies for Canadian Quilt Shops and Machine Quilting businesses and strive to offer the very  best customer service to help you make your quilting businesses successful. We are the Canadian distributor, with exclusivity in most cases, for what we believe to be the best in threads, patterns, tools, notions and more and we continue to add more product lines every season. Quilting is our passion and it is our goal to make the time our customers spend quilting enjoyable and fun; therefore we choose products that are innovative, have a strong artistic flare and simplify the process. That way we can all do even more of what we love!

From the time I was a little girl visiting my Babci (Polish Grandma), quilts have intriqued me. Each time my family went to visit, I would ask to see her quilts. She would patiently pull them from cupboards and closets and pile them one by one onto the bed. I would ooh and aah and choose the quilts I hoped to have in my home when I was older. A few made their way here and I still cherish her quilts and appreciate the work she put into them. Shortly after my daughter was born in 1991, my Mom offered to babysit so that I could take a quilting class and make one of my own as long as I promised to teach her how........before the class was done, I was hooked. As I spent more time quilting and taking classes, I learned that there were many wonderful products that I couldn't find in my local quilt shops. One thing led to another and after years working as a nurse and later in sales, marketing and senior management roles in the medical industry, I decided to make my passion my work....I began by becoming a sales agent for some of my favourite fabric lines and after a trip to Quilt Market in Houston, Erie Quilt Art was born. Erie Quilt Art has grown consistently and I am now focusing all of my efforts on building Erie Quilt Art to serve you better.

Erie Quilt Art gets its name from the location of my former home and office/warehouse -located on a hill overlooking Lake Erie. We relocated both home and warehouse to Calgary, Alberta in 2014 and are loving the mountains as much as we loved the Great Lakes and Erie Quilt Art continues to grow. Quilting is now a family affair. Both my mother and my daughter learned to quilt and my son is happy to have his favourite quilts on the sofa.

I hope you enjoy using the products we have sourced for you as much as we do. If there are any products you have discovered that you would like to see in Canada, we would love to hear from you.

At Erie Quilt Art, it is all about "Sew Fun"!

Gail Heller and team - Susan, Josee, Meg, Stacey and Austin